no room for fusion

  no room for fusion


we are on the fury road

in the age of ultron

waiting for extinction

it”s always some"s revenge

no ones redemption

supermens and batmans flies

until ships sinks

rage pain misery

jupiter rises and force awakens

trylogies and mysteries of human lifes

explained in two fazes

wolfs of wallstreet

like birds of pray

we all walking eight miles

climbing up jacks magic beans

as shown on tv

transporters refueld

no escape from warroom

maze runners in rogue nation

scorch trials mission impossible

knock knock here comes hitman

fantastic attacks of four titans

selfless in jurassic world

vacations from hunger games

the gift to the furyest

wild kingsman gone

secret guardians still blind

bullet for the bravest

fences to harvest life

potentials mistaken for illness

high pitch on low frequences

unhealed wounds

press keep pressure

medias on reality budget

no room for fusion

world is in fision

accelerators on negativ turn

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Rapper Roid Heaven

Is that where youre at ?


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At exactly that point.

At exactly that point.

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Movie Buff

apparently - it all contributes to "culture" but for many equals culture. Free choice nation - still an experiment ~allets~