Rid of grose

Rid of grose


My mind clearly 

Knows that can't

Rid of grose

I turn off tv

And throw newspapers

Couse it's enough of those

So I get pen and paper close

And throw everything 

From my mind on those

My imagination get loose

Paper will suffer it all

Anger, rage...my call

Letters get in row

Pen driven in curly lines

My hand hurts

But I won't stop now

Paper keep going to be abused

While I made my point on choosed

Not single word get refused

Here on finger pointed accused

Some work must to be done

Some stories told

Before they get too old

Italic and bold

But sharp and cold

Burning words with no feelings

Written some revealings

With harsh dealings

Fancy print take it all

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Do it. KS

Do it.


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Write On!

Do and do ~allets~




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