Better tommorow

Better tommorow


My feet are numbed 

My legs hurt

My arms in bruises

Tears in eyes and mud on fingers

Father why are we runnin

And where is mother and sister

Why do I leave my toys

And why all those people shoutin

Son we are runnin from war

Frim misery and pain

We runnin into better tommorow

We runnin for our lifes

Those people that shout will give us 

New home and new hope

Will help us and feed us

Will give us new life

Soon we will be with your mother and sister

Yes but why those people shoutin soo loud

Why they yellin at us

Father why there is blood on your face

And why your arm is broken

Where is your shoes

Why those screams 

My legs and arms hurts

Why we can't rest

Why again shoutin and yellin

And where is mother and sister

I'm hungry and scared

I hate those people

I want go home

I want to se my mother and sister

Father I feel fear

And I'm shakein

Can't look up

I see only fences

And no blue sky

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The Tempest Tossed

To be forced to leave one's home in fear - from the view of innocence about to be revised. Dramatic and a well said topical write ~allets~




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Thank you

Thank you