Table of two (introduction of love)

Table of two

Wood and Glasses

Water within cups

Sugars of juice

Table for two

Few whispers blow

Scarf by Suit

Tongues with glue

Resistance of words

Table and two

Silent hopeness

Arrows from looks

Passages of calmness

Sweat complete sweetness

Table of two

Greetings of leaving

Winks from each

Once in an hour

Usefull speech

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just an immagination, true?

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mhippychick's picture

I really like this it has a very good timbre and a lilting tempo.I think it's very well written, so much can be shared by sharing silence, don't you think? I picture two friends sipping tea and sharing silent pauses pregnant with anticipation, glorious work well done!!!
Gabby xxx