Christmas Pandemonium

In childhood days and many a happy year.
They rang, ding-dong,- ding-dong- in griefs and joys,
Ropes clutched by swaying little altar boys.

I miss six letters on my Christmas cards,
When I receive the several "Best Regards"
Six letters are replaced by a big "X"
Or hinted at by random little specks.

I miss heart-winning songs, like "Silent Night"
A Santa growls instead, nose shining bright;
Rotund, big-bellied, red-cheeked bold and hale
Swings bottles filled with cola, beer, or ale.

Wishes to all "A Happy Holiday"--
Loud Speakers squeal,- a makeshift foghorn blares:
"Five shopping days left valued customers"

"Dear valued customers, please run, run, run,
The Christmas frenzied chaos is right on
Please customer, be sure you miss it not
For pandemomium means an aweful lot."

No angels, - but some multi-cultured belles
Display their goodies wreathed with oyster shells,
Tumultuous parades do cast their spells;
The noise is loud, but lo! - there are no bells.

Displayed before the flashy Grand Hotel
A poster says that "Grillé Tourterelle"
With fresh légumes are  the "Entré du Jour",-
Its read by everyone, except the poor.

Let bells, clear ringing soothing bells install
In gathering spots and every waiting hall,
Assure your fellowman - no disrespect
Who wants to be politically correct?

Not me! - let bells ring loud - put up the tree,
Don't bar the crèche from public property!
It strengthens confidence, aplomb and poise,
And;bells drown out and douse the frenzied noise,

Reclaim the Christmas Feast Reclaim! Reclaim!
And be not shy to sing the Savior's name.
Rejoice! - ding-dong, let ring and peal the bell-
Exult! ! - the spirit is alive and well!.

© Elizabeth Dandy

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Amen and thank you...

Amen and thank you...

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hristmas andemonium

Thanks a lot for delightful comment. Blessings

Elizabeth Dandy