Nevermind the tears,

coursing down my face,

and the ones I hide from you,

the ones you'll never see.

Nevermind showing me, for a fool,

thinking, I was the one and only, for you.

Nevermind the things you've done,

making my sanity unravel,

and those special parts of me,

still twitching as your greed,

bleeds them, until they die.

Nevermind saying sorry,

it won't fix the past.

Sorry only can undo,

the things you didn't mean to do.

Nevermind that blood you see,

it's only my heart, bleeding out,

the tainted love you gave me,

not much longer now,

it's nearly finished at last.

Never mind me screaming,

as you twist the knife again,

I'll pretend, you don't know it,

as you stab it, in once more.

You smile so pretty,

as you tear it through my soul,

the one I shared with you,

you know, the one I thought you loved, so well.

Nevermind that I loved you,

with everything I had.

Please forget, the heart, I showed you,

I'd like to pretend, that I never let you in.

Nevermind what you took from me,

as you only, thought of yourself.

Please forgive me, for thinking,

you were something more.

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Venatic Star's picture

Hmmm I like the form, the pace, and the flow. I can sense the anger and the hatred coming from this piece twisted with the sadness and indifference you seem to try to maintain. It's a wonderful piece of work... I feel sorry for whoever it was written towards. Thank you for sharing...