The cup fell. 

A small step from its perfection.

A wobbling motion of unexpected speed,

of uncontrollable tension.

Over the edge and there reveiled

a porportional perspective of height.

Inducing desperate action 

at the sudden premonition of events unfolding

and the results thereof.

Was there any moment of regret?

No! but only in passing.

Regret consumed but an instant as the cup crashed

dispersing its contents in an explosion of coffee stained fury.


The aftermath was grim but no tears were shed 

even though the carpet had just yesterday been shampooed.

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allets's picture


In slow motion, wishing it would come back

to the edge and balance enough to be caught

but no. Over it goes, irretrievable

to shatter across the carpet

helter skelter. Finding all the pieces

is going to be a . . . bear rider. :D