Three a.m. and a bad moment

And there was that day

that warm summer day

when my heart did not sing

my head did not dream

or think.

And the demons spoke

in that slow soulful way

guiding my steps 

on that warm summer day.

Step by stumble with keys

but so sure

quietly unlocking doors

found myself empty

a shell in a shadow

as the engine started

and fumes fueled my oblivion

then sleep........

Sudden a motion my daughter

so strong

pulled me.....

from goodbyes

and we both cried and I tried

to apologize.

She said Daddy

you need help

and she was right.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was saved, she saved me.

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Happy Endings

It was a near thing. A bottle

of pills, the ledge seemed the way

the engine revved high

with the windows  sealed.

It seems like answers.


To be here is what we get;

the rest is optional. We choose

and make and build and love.

And hate, but never the image

in the mirror or the little images

about our feet.