Stone Heart

Heavy is the head I hold

My Stone Heart, growing cold

Broken body, broken mind

Ive left emotions behind

Stone heart why are you here?

No love, no hate, no pain, no fear?

Whats your reason in this life

All you stop in whats right

Stone Heart, Stone Heart

You've turned pain into an art


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am called Stone Heart in my school due to my lack of showing emotions usualy.  I wrote this one night.  Please comment, critisms are accepted

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Whispers_From_The_Mind's picture

pain is art

without pain i wouldnt of wrote almost 400 poems. i barely write happy poetry. i try but its hard. i write better when im sad or hurt or in pain. i enjoyed this poem because it sounds like me sometimes. thanks for writing. hope you can find the time to read my poetry. my fav ones are The Day The Angels Cried, Noway Out and Following The Birds

Maria's picture

No emotion is the worst

No emotion is the worst feeling of all. 


"You've turned pain into an art" I like it. 

RockofShades's picture

I agree.  Thank you for

I agree.  Thank you for reading