Before anyone starts reading this please heed two things .. first a warning and the 2nd a declaration :

1.Warning : Do not dwell on the content

2.The "story" is totally imaginary

Cee and Dee,two small children were curled up on a sofa stretching & yawning just after being out of their warm beds. "You are getting lazy day after day ! Go to the toilet,brush your teeth,wash your faces clean.Hurry up and eat your mushrooms." shouted Mee their mother.

The living room clock-face was a yellow smiley Smile which looked nice and welcoming.It also struck the hours merrily.Two small bowls were set on the table.One was green containing milky white mushrooms and the other a blue bowl with spotted brown mushrooms.

Cee sat on a green chair and Dee on a blue one.They ate their mushrooms silently with their little forks.They rushed to school with their satchels of the same books since they were in the same class.

Cee always scored better grades than Dee which made Dee unhappy and somewhat jealous since Mee always admonished Dee for his lower gradesSurprised despite having the same opportunities.So Cee became more and more sad and unhappy as the days passed.He simply could not fetch better grades however much he tried.

One day Dee told Mother Mee "I think my lower grades are due to the colour of the mushrooms I eat for breakfast. Can you give me milky-white mushrooms instead of spotted-brown ones for breakfast ?" Mee smiled and replied "I give whatever is best for you" Dee began cying his heart out wailing and wailing till tears flowed and flowed endlessly.Seeing Dee crying Cee also began to cry.Cee gave his mother an idea."Why don't you interchange our bowls?" Mee smiled and agreed.She just could not bear to see her two children unhappy.

Cee and Dee exchanged places at the breakfast table from the next morning. A week saw both of them less playful and less energetic. They almost forgot to smile or laugh. Both appeared to have become "big serious boys".The day of announcement of grades arrived.The grade cards were handed over. A big susprise awaited them Surprised Both Cee and Dee had scored lower grades but again with Dee trailing behind.

Cee and Dee trudged home very very unhappy. Both asked Mother Mee "...... Why ??...." Mee again smiled and this time she said "Whatever will be will be...." From the next day Cee agin began having milky-white mushrooms and Dee spotted-brown Laughing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Surprised Took a small petal off my friend's bunch of colourful flowers .I hope he won't mind.The small petal mushroomed Laughing

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Good work my Friend, Mushrooms has all the ingredients that one needs for a good story. My lovely wife cooked a wonderful mushroom Sauce for todays lunch. I must admit I am full and could not eat anything else so my sweet for afters will be waiting for me at tea-time. May your appetite increase with your story , poems, prose supply. Bern and Co.

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Thank you ever so much Dear Respected Friend Mr Bern far away

Thank you ever so much Dear Respected Friend Mr Bern far away ~Best wishes and happiness from BM & family~



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Que Sera Sera

A tale of mushrooms, how clever. Engaging and riviting tale - had to see what happened in the finale. And letter perfect- you excel daily, my friend across the big puddle - enjoyed tremendously - Just Bein' Allets 2 day 4 U






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On Teachers Day I thank you my dear Respected Guide Madam Allets

On Teachers Day I thank you my dear Respected Guide Madam Allets.I'm just very happy that you spent valuable time to read the post.You are indeed one of my greatest teachers.I shall remain indebted to you everafter and beyond.You are indeed a kind lady ~Your pupil Wee Bee across the big puddle~