Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart


Many of my good friends on this site

Are tapering off into time and space

Maybe I should also follow suit

And not wait till my final disgrace

For them I pray and give my good wishes

Since nothing more I've to give save that

Who am I ? I wonder ! waiting for what ?

A garland of roses or a magicians top hat ?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For bern,nightlight1220,dove,poetic_eyes,allets.................... But again "Nothing Lasts Forever".... Didn't give any time to this one.just typed whatever came to my mind. At least it cleared my insides. Be happy all readers , poets and all others in the lighted world dancing under the feet of the Creator Surprised

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I don't wanna disappear, I've

I don't wanna disappear, I've just been caught up in myself too damn much lately.

Long days and pleasant nights


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Thanks Mr Diamond

Thanks Mr Diamond.May you twinkle forever like the timeless stars in the sky.