Lipstick,lipstick,luscious attractive lipstick

Cherry red, shiny pink, mischeivous black

Adorns girls and ladies making lips attractive

Oh ! what a pretty sight mundane face made festive


Enticing,alluring, these luscious soft lips

Oh ! the manner in which she the ice lolly licks!

Oversized grease bags & sacks;well past their prime

Look like circus clowns with red goo on grime




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Worst words.. deserves the worst comments

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Haha! It was very enjoyable

Haha! It was very enjoyable and very funny the way needed dead the poem beautifully and horrifyingly descriptive respected bishu thanks for th e laughter ! Hugss 

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Enjoyable ? Funny ? Are U sure Respected SS ?

Enjoyable ? Funny ? Are U sure Respected SS ? So trash can also be posted.You are indeed a super morale booster . I'm happy that you laughed SS.Jiggss. Laughing



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Most Honorable Bishu

I also laughed, the ending was incomprehensible - but lipstick is a very personal and sacred item to women - the reaching for the tube, finding the exactly correct color, removing the top, the moment of hesitation and decision, the swirling into existence of the tapered paste, the smell is all - then the artwork begins - painting - elysium - knowing you look sweet ~Lady A~



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Thanx Respected Mm Allets for laughing

Thanx Respected Mm Allets for laughing at the prickly words.I know,I know, ladies do look nice when polished & adorned with luscious lipstick.The last 2 lines are "lipsick doesn't suit ALL ladies" Glad I was able to make you laugh in this era of unhappiness & seriousnessLaughing