Bits and Pieces


Gathering bits and pieces

Storing in my mind's pockets

Some pieces caught my fancy

Hangs on my soul in lockets


Some pieces jagged,sharp

Grazes my skin sometimes

Blood of the past seeps through

Pain comes.....the scars heal


That piece so beautiful to behold

Soft,velvetty flower petal

Now shrivelled and dried

Have left memories and died


Why did I sorrow? why did I cry?

When I saw the pretty parrot die?

There is one bit.. one piece

One treasure....the birth of my niece




I shall once again be light,ignorant


Detoxed from naked truths ..I try but fail

Time has come to empty my pockets

Free the weary chain from the sprockets



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Random wavy words.The awesome burden of bits & pieces hung in lockets.Can't tear them away.Neither can bear their weight and nagging.Alas ! the invisible "bits & pieces"

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