Mystery of the Depths

A figment of imagination never seen or heard

Lowered to the ocean bed crawling with life

Mighty waves lash the surface.. foam and froth

Beneath there is calm.. so much peace,tranquility

Trying to write in words.. maybe an act of futility

She says "give it a try- scrap it if it's garbage"

Deep blue water ...  bubbling with life

Tiny fish,planktons,flitting like birds

Short-lived their wonderful antiques

Devoured by larger fish- marine carnivores

Down in a submarine traversing the ocean floors

This is a way to Heaven ,this is one of the doors

What colours !! what shapes !! exquisite rhythm

Filtered sunlight on the colourful corals

They open up a new chapter on subject of morals

Marine life forms... love none... hate none

Hunters become the hunted however pretty

Wonderful it is to take a peek into nature's kitty


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written long ago on 4th August 2007.Lying in scrap-book.Presently posted on seeing some lovely pictures of marine life by a poet friend on this site.

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Mystery of the depths:



What an enchanting poem, portraying a good aspect of life under the ocean. Loved the phrase sunlight colouring the coral and all looks so colourful and peacefull but survival the name of the game.