Steam Engine


Steam Engine

We dug out coal

Used it in steam engines

We again dug out coal

Instead of putting into engines

We put into thermal power plants

Then we made electric locomotives

Were electric trains sensible ? 

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Just a little from history

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Electric trains are "greener" than coal trains, so in that respect I would say that electric trains were sensible. The last deep coal mine in Britain closed in December 2015, and most of the smaller open-cast mines have also closed since then. We still have plenty of coal underground in the UK, but I doubt it will ever be mined. 

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Thanks dear friend

Are we going towards a greener planet  ? Our city has a very very low air quality index. Yet push selling of gasoline vehicles is going on. Be well. Be happy. Stay safe. 



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China Cleaning Up Its Air

earth maintenance is possible! California passing clean air standards above gvt. recommendations. New built homes - solar. Go Green! Electric cars are the future. ~S~