Mad Hatter


Mad Hatter :::: I just don't care when people call me mad or crazy.I'm too old to care.I blabber nonsense to many I meet on my daily path.The path becomes easier with a light mind.Why didn't I think of the stray dog with wings ? I closed my eyes and there it was flying in the night sky with LED lights on its wings.The road became a narrow,swift flowing river.I was mad !! No they weren't cows.. they were people running errands.With the mild winter sun I just feel happy to be alive.

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Utter Nonsense

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"...stray dog with wings..."

So wonderful to see a new piece of nonsence from you, Bishu. Crazily old and wishing you and all you love peace for the approaching new year. xoxox ~Lady A~





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A light mind and a happy

A light mind and a happy soul

is ideal, certainly a nice goal

Isn’t every one mad on the whole? 

most definitely as we grow old

We are what we are, I’m told 


Happy Christmas Bishu! 


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happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

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That's the great thing with

That's the great thing with getting old.  People expect you to be crazy.  Just embrace it and enjoy the ride.

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I must be crazy.

I understood it.  --  Stephen