Austromate 2018




You must be wondering

Why sometimes Austromate

And sometimes Astromate 

He lived his last days in Austria

Often went to outer space

A virtual friend I shouldn't miss

Yet I do miss him very much

Specially when I see his comments

On my facebook posts

Best wishes & regards ~Indimate

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving

Oh oh why did you guffaw loud

That I thought was my trademark

The turkey had gone a wee bit sour

It's natural mate at this odd hour

I never told you to visit Chennai

Oh so now you're in my country

you're hungry don't raid my pantry

Doesn't suit a gen'lman of your gentry

No no my pantry doesn't have a sentry

Come  & enter through my front door

The doormat reads"Welcome Bern"

No , I'm sorry doormats can't read

We'll have Christmas dinner together

Sip champagne in cool Kolkata weather

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for Bern who is no longer with us. Happy Thanksgiving

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roseblossoms's picture

Very sentimental fellow you

Very sentimental fellow you are! Bern is missed!



bishu's picture

I am !!

Thanks for your kindness. Hope the Christmas tree is now ready



Morningglory's picture

Awe Bern

Sure do miss his fairy queen tales. Oh what an inspirator he's been.

Copyright © morningglory

bishu's picture

Good God Thank you !!

He WAS my inspirator !



allets's picture

"Doormats can't read"

Chuckle chuckle...I miss bern. I did not know he was living in Austria when he died. Thanks for the bio. Yrfriendinneedofwoodforaboatrudder. :) slc