Mango Poetry June 2018


Mango Poetry


Right now nothing comes to my mind except mangoes. Already half a ton of green mangos had been plucked during May. These were on the lower branches and within easy reach of vandals. Now the mangos are nice & ripe with each mango weighing around two pounds.They're big !! Occasionally one or two mangos fall from the tree & get split. I gather these & have them with my scanty dinner of "chapatti" and "subzi". Over two dozens have been stolen by urchins & vandals (many around my locality) But one high-decibel shout from me gets them scurrying away. They come during my much-craved afternnon post-lunch siesta. Interestingly, the vandals somehow know that I'm in charge since they do not heed any other person Laughing

Oooo sweet, juicy tongue-treat. Nothing beats garden-ripe mangos. Last night during dinner I wondered aloud how could so many sweet mangos come from only one seed. This is magic of nature & I bow before it.

This morning when I returned from the fishmonger I found my big fat lady cook (she is literally that) coming down from the terrace. "What business did you have upstairs?" " I went to see the flower pots" I told her "All these months you never went ?" She had no ready reply. I think she'd been to see the ripe mangos hanging from the tree.But I never told her & she didn't tell me the truth.

Next week all mangos will be on earth ...... hopefully by TuesdayWednesday.... Then the tree will be unhappy & wait till nature pulls the trigger. But but but..... a big catch Cry The tree is leaning at a falling angle. We never trimmed it. The branches have spread at naure's will. Let me eat a few this year while I'm still alive and awake. Next year..... who knows.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You may please excuse my unworthy words .... This is an ode to my Great Mangos

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Flagrant Fruit Thieves

Reminds me of my pear and apple stealing youth. I can almost taste  the ripened  2 pound mango. Next year, I might be the lady with the bowl under the mango tree. Hey, it's possible. :D



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Thank you my pppalo'erseas

Last night & this morning we had chilled mango pulp juice.... Gift from the Gods... Spread on the floor on newspaper... in fridge... They're rotting really fast... gave away more than half to my neighbourhood folks



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i love mangos,,great story

i love mangos,,great story

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No story this was my good worthy friend. Thanks for the comment

Truth often makes a great story

Sweet and juicy they make me merry

Take away all you can carry

Tree vacantly looks at night starry

The sigh wasn't my fancy

If this isn't Nature's love what is ?

In my next birth I shall be a mango

Sit on your beautiful dinner table