Granules of Glorious Existence




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Granules of glorious existence
In the tiny 2nd floor flat
At Creek Row Calcutta
The spacious wooden easy chair
My Grandfather reclined
It seemed so so big
The world was small

Coal oven smoke permeated
Tiny nostrils : I can still smell
Steaming white fluffy rice
Two ladles of Dal
Garnished with coriander leaves
Fresh tomato chutney

Sunsets I couldn't see
Buildings crammed all around
4 am trams trundling the streets
The after dinner trips to a park
A handful of shelled peanuts
I gazed awestruck at the sights

The neonlit billboards
"Lipton means good tea"
Picture of a kettle
Pouring tea into a cup
"Relax have a Charminar"
Smoking didn't kill then.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fully inspired by Peter & another FB friend. Thanks Dear Peter & Mitadi

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Fabulous Pix

I love your poems about places and people - your heart is in those writes. Enjoyed and thanks for the tour trip to the past. Adored: "...Smoking didn't kill then." Yeah!

- shewhowaitsforthenextbishuburp






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Awww Madam A

Thanks for your time