Birthday Lady


Birthday Lady


Dear Lady across the ocean

In as many tiny glass bottles

I float  fresh red roses 

They'll reach you for sure

If they not strike rocky reefs

The tiny candles lit on each

May be snuffed by wind

If at least one float reaches

 When the B'day cake is cut

I'm beside you

In mind and soul

I smell the cake


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Honorary Bro

Thank you for my birthday poem/card. I am sooooooo happy. Nibbling on a pork chop (diabetic cake) right now. happiness is a center cut perfectly cooked. :D You will always rock ESPECIALLYl in 2060 when the palm trees start to sway and the waves gently lap the shoals of an Island.



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It is an honour

It is an honour to wish you a happy birrhday