Loving Allets


Loving Allets


She sails with sailor's bellbots

She dives into oceans for pearls

She even has much time

For hapless village churls

A small deed goes a long way

In boosting morale and creation

She will be with me

During the 2060 coronation

All writers on this site

Please don't take any vacation

Other than her cherished location

Coffee cups in hand

We'll be a merry band

Dearest Godmother Fairy

Bring your magic wand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A squirrel gathering acorns for the winter ....  Smile Thanks for keeping my ink unfrozen.... 

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I Just Saw This

Thank you for this write. Tomorrow I will have been here for seven years. The tribute warms my heart. Love and Prayers and Blessing Bishu, allets :D