Looking for Bones


Looking for bones in the unnamed graveyard for creatures

Once chiselled into sturdy snouts with interesting features


Those without snouts are sometimes with soft underflesh bone

Silent half-mad ascetic with his tottering stick shuffles all alone


Perchance stumbles upon the severed wings of a chirpy happy bird

Which tried to flap its wings shot by the wanton foolish man's gun


Does the car driver remember that he his car killed a stray cat

No. he never thought it so important none scolded him for that


The silent half-mad ascetic pokes his wavy stick made from a tree

Looking for his own skeleton the times when he had felt really free





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to Mr Satish Verma from Ajmer Rajasthan(India) a poet on this site

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allets's picture

This Is Magical

Graveyards and broken wings, skeletons and poets - I hope Satish has seen this tribute write. ~a~




bishu's picture

Thanks ever so much. Not sure if Mr Verma has seen this

Thank you so so much Respected Madam Allets