When my internal levees are brought to pieces

Unable to withstand the rumbling waters

surging through the veins of my day

When the soundness in my stance fatigues

and forges my noticeable sway

When bedlam stifles the good order of my realm

and seems to have its way


I breathe


If my methodical and steady

should wake my haste and unease

And in moments of unready

when my spiritual branches are left barren by fallen leaves

When I’ve not the energy to rise 

When the rains from my excessively drained eyes

meet the caps of my dampened knees

When the severity within my space

should breed my blood curdling screams

When these are not my dreams


I breathe

I just breathe


When all I see

The lack of restrain from mouths of the faceless

When all I can be

Exhausted by the velocity of debilitating words

and the strain it places

And all they demand of me

When all is not free

And the charge of my unfair share

of which I receive

My hollowed out stare

From all the weight I must bare





Just breathe


Of Him

An apprentice and less a disciple of trend

My onus to be light

despite a beacon for sin




For everyday that I wake

to endure this all again







Just breathe






Copyright © 2014 by Daryl R. Gaines. All rights reserved






Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes you just have to take a step back, gather yourself and breathe. Slow deep breaths

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willow's picture

Such vocabulary and

Such vocabulary and eloquence! You are amazing :) 

The more I read your poems, they more I'm proud to have received your praise for some of mine!!!

Keep writing always :)