What is Life.

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What is life?


Do you really know an answer to this my question; I am sure that many intelligent people since the start of mankind have asked this question.


I myself know of no answers; I often ask myself why must life be forever propagating life is there something planned into ones brain that ensures that all living kinds must bring offspring into this world.


What reason is there for this continuing form of increasing life forms from a tiny flea to the huge mammals that swim in the oceans why must there be a continuation of life forms at all.


What if all Planets were like the Earth’s Moon just barren clumps spewn into place by some force that mankind can barely grasp let alone understand.


Why is our intelligence and understanding so low? Our brains seem to be increasing in size and with each generation a being emerges with a much better understanding of what is going on around us in this world we live in. I am thinking of the Albert Einstein’s of this world again a question why are not all brains equipped to grasp all that is forming and reforming in this period that we call a life’s span.

Question after question how much longer before we have the answers, when at last we have all of the answers will our lives be more simple, will we be Gods enabled with new knowledge perform such feats as creating worlds or even universes. I do not know but I suspect that sooner or later mankind will communicate by means of thought transfers or if you will telepathy. The whole world will become a bank of thoughts similar to the memory banks of a computer.


Will we be able to cope with these new methods of communication? No one will be able to tell an untruth, all will be readable like a book there will be no more cheating as in business deals in this modern world. This cheating and lying goes back right through history. No war will be possible; is this what we are aiming for with our different forces to keep law and order?


I have given a brief view of what my thoughts are. What about your thoughts what is life, please think about the question perhaps you will have the answers. Are you one of the real chosen ones that will be mother or father to a new race of intelligent beings that will not only practice telepathy but also forms of telekinesis. What a world to live in, I would be one of the first to volunteer for such a new start.


I would be interested to hear your views on such a new form of life, please give me your ideas in the form of a comment on post Poems. org. Thank you from Bern.

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Life: The Ultimate Accident

We are stardust conferencing with the universe. Just the right amount of god plus soul plus all the other definitions man and woman and child create to make this all comprehensible. The brain has not developed that much during the last 2014 plus years, intelligence yes, but the brain we use is basically the Adam and Eve version. Like them, we get instructions for living and ignore the text and the source. To live is to (fill in the blank). Life was an accident of the cosmos. - Just Bein' Lady A



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Prose from Bern.

Thank you allets, I had my tongue in my cheek as I wrote this, I thought that it might go down unnoticed. I am pleased to say that you have commented for which I thank you. Have a great week now with best wishes from Bern.