The Registered Letter.

The Registered Letter.


The letter came by regular post. The Postman delivering the letter gave me a knowing look as I signed for the registered letter. I put the letter on one side, as I had to go into town to do some shopping.


In town I had the idea that many people, that is complete strangers to me, also gave me knowing looks or was it my imagination playing on my nerves. One man I stopped and asked him if he knew the way to the High Street. I wanted to see what his reaction to my question would be.


The man gave no reaction whatsoever he directed me to the High Street with a precise route that even I could not go wrong As he turned to go on his way I got the impression that he gave me another knowing look.


I finished my shopping and hurried home. The letter now loomed large in my brain. Who had sent the letter, was it important, why register it. The letter became even more of a mystery for as I reached home I could not remember where I had placed the Registered Letter.


I decided to make a cup of hot sweet tea to steady my somewhat frayed nerves. As I slowly sipped my tea the front door bell rang. Slowly I put my cup down onto the table and went to the front door.


An elderly Aunt of mine on my Mother’s side of the family stood at the door. She greeted me with the words, “Did you get my letter, I registered it so that you would get it in time,” I thought it better not to tell her that I had mislaid the letter and invited her in to the house.


I poured her a cup of tea and made her comfortable in my old easy chair. Smiling she told me that she had made a testament in my favour. On her death I would be a very wealthy man. I had to fulfil the condition that she had told me about in her Registered Letter.


Later that evening I called a Taxicab to take her home to her own house. I saw her into the cab and waved goodbye as the cab went down the road. Going back into the house I turned one drawer after another out looking for the registered letter.


Getting up from looking into the bottom drawer of the sideboard. I turned and saw the stupid registered Letter stuck into the side of the mirror frame over the fireplace. It had been there all of the time looking at me. Suddenly a thought struck me did my Aunt see the Letter stuck into the side of the mirror.


Grabbing the Registered Letter I opened it and read slowly what my Aunt had written.

 I was to inherit all of her worldly goods, moneys, and a large strip of land that I did not know my Aunt possessed. The condition I was to obey to inherit her fortune was that I was to look after her cat. Now I did not know that my Aunt had a cat and why did so many people give me that knowing look. It started off with the Postman and his knowing look as he delivered the Registered Letter. What about the People in the town as I did my shopping what did they know about my Aunt’s cat.


Tomorrow O have an appointment to see my Psychiatrist I will mention the whole thing to him perhaps he can throw some light on the subject. You see my Mother was an only child and had no brother or sisters so how could an Aunt send me a registered Letter and where did she get the cat from I am a very confused man and have decided that I do now want my Aunts inheritance or her cat. The strip of land would have been good to grow potatoes in; I do so love fresh potatoes.


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For My Friend Bishu this should bring a smile or two to your face. best wishes to you and your family. from bern.

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Oh yes Mr Bern my good friend I REALLY did smile

Oh yes Mr Bern my good friend I REALLY did smile.At an old age the belongings mean nothing.The cat would be good company nonetheless.The shrink will make out some rigmarole from his own invention.Today's lunch menu is chicken curry with potatoes and boiled rice.Beware of unscruplous,unknown aunts & also uncles for that matter LaughingLaughing I am thinking of taking a snapshot of this story and showing to the local shrink here LaughingLaughing ~Happiness from bishu from far away~