Pastures Green.

Pastures Green.




Would you step off this merry go round of a spinning world, I would if it meant going to pastures green. I sometimes let my imagination run wild and am on a space ship travelling from one planet to the next. I am I think looking for those green pastures will I find them? I think not, my imagination is limited to all that, that I have lived through in this life span of over eighty years.




I might not be able to step off this spinning globe, but you. Perhaps you are the one to show mankind the way to pastures green. Then my mind goes one step further, are other civilizations looking for pastures green? Will aliens come to this Earth thinking this lovely planet is surely the place for pastures green. The disappointment when they find out that pastures green here on this world are taken from a book written by mankind centuries ago to try and explain what an Earth made by this one God in only six days could become. The early writers of the Good Book were people living in hot dry climates. For these people Heaven would be fresh green pastures not the barren sand filled deserts.




What fresh green pasture am I looking for in my travels around this my imaginary universe. Perhaps not fresh green grass but something different a form of world where all problems are sorted out and overcome by electronic devices. Devices yet to be thought of and built by scientists that have a much better knowledge and wisdom than I will ever have.




Perhaps you or even you will read this and also search for your own green pastures. I wish you every success in the search that I have devoted my whole life and imagination to. If you ever find your green pasture, be aware others will try and take it from you for this world is inhabited by many that live by and through greed, jealousy, and other wicked traits common to mankind.







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With a doctorate diploma in humanology can you answer a

With a doctorate diploma in humanology can you answer a simple question my Respected Alltime friend ...? Despite all the discoveries & inventions people spinning on Earth are unhappy why so ??Surprised



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Most People my Friend have this silly idea that one must be rich in worldly goods to be happy. My answer, go out into the country watch the butterflies dancing their age old dance. watch a bird flying high in the sky see the marvellous way that nature has coloured the insects. Do the bees look for gold as in monetary value. No the bees are happy and content with pollen, golden pollen gathered from flowers. If only the human race would settle for the simple way of life all would be much easier. Tell the world#s population to get out and about in Natures Paradise look how simple all is without man#s greed for gold and other so called treasures. One cannot eat Gold and Diamonds would give one indigestion. Bern.