Love's Truth

What is love all about?

Is it worth all the strain and doubt?

And all the time we think of it

Or how it absorbs us bit by bit

Only to eat away at our soul

Destroying us, its final goal

And leaving us half of what we used to be

Leaving us like the dead leaves fallen from a tree

And it let’s us just rot away

For true love never has anything to say

Cause it does not exist

It is only a dream in the mist

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Does love exist and if it does, is it worth it???

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Amanda's picture

I think it truely does exist. I really think that there's someone for everyone, and that that someone can truely understand and can truely care and love the other person.

Even in my times of singleness and doubt and jadedness, I still held on to the hope of true love. But then, I'm a hopeless romantic so that helps. :-)

And in answer to your question is it worth it? Oh yeah, it so worth it. There's nothing like it.

Oh and you'll know it when you've got it, so don't let it get away when you do find it.

poetvg's picture

great work .

Becky Zeits's picture

sometimes i wish i knew