Things I Could Never Do

I am nothing you want to become

I have lost love and then some

For I can not see the right anymore

And on you, I have shut the door

But for some reason, you look up to me

And take in everything that you see

Then you imitate my every move and word

As if watching from a distance like a bird

So I can forget that you are there

And you can take in more than I am willing to share

So today you can show me what you’ve learned

And I realize, how much you’ve yearned

Just to be like your big bro.

And my heart sinks in sorrow

For I have not taught you the best in me

As I fall to a knee

So I can look at you eye to eye

And tell you I will try

To show you more of what is right

And broaden your range of sight

For I will expect good things of you

Things, that I could never do

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its weird, one day you wake up and realize your a role model. Love you Dinx!!!

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that_one_girl's picture

This is so true. I have a little brother who is 13 years younger then me, you forget that they learn from you, then you realize, they help make you a better person because you want them to be so you try to be good around them, but you can't fake being a good person, so then you're one all the time. We should really thank our little brothers and sisters more often hey?

poetvg's picture

touching piece .
i think so :*).