Descending from the heavens above

Soaring down like a gorgeous dove

With wings so bright and made of gold

The truth is in your eyes to be told

Making me remember times of old

Stories heard and stories told

Remembering the smiles we shared

Remembering how each of us cared

Seeing your face again, was so sweet

Listening to your gorgeous voice was such a treat

And remembering how much I wanted to see

You so happy and you so free

For you are an angel from the palace in the sky

For you are too sweet to just let go by

For you are like a gift from the one and only

Such love is meant for the just and holy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a while ago but it is still one of my favorites

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shan's picture

wow, that's all i have to say. this poem is incredible, i love the way that it flows together just right. awsome babe =)!

poetvg's picture

nice piece .

Pop Rocks's picture

OMG it is soo beautiful how come no one has commented on this? i dont know i guess ppl are stupid anyways awsome job.

Jackie Eskenazi's picture

I love this poem I really do, haven't read them all but this one is excellent.