The Risk of Love

Silence between us creeps on

and with it slips my heart from me

farther and farther-

creating a agony

that wrenches my very soul.

How can I be whole

when my very life seeps from this heart

that seems to hold me prisoner

as one lost to war.

Without you, I am lost...I wander...

and life is miserable.

To risk loving again...

to love so deeply you become the other...

My heart, as a reclaimed china vase,

holding life within its cracked walls.

Loving you scares me...

but without you, I am nothing...

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johnlvs2run's picture

Belle, You write beautifully. I feel your words though they are coming from my own heart. Thank you so very much for this. John

Sasha_J's picture

Oh!! Cathy,, you have captured just how I feel at times, and you know the reasons why...... A meaningful poem...thank you Susie

Dead Poet's picture

yes....... to be able to feel such pleasure and pain at the same time all because of one person is quite a big scare... what if one day.. you were to loose this person? i can relate to you my dear.... all that i can say, is hold onto those memories and always keep that person in there
because when you fall in love... nothing is going to be able to stop you... the rest is something that you probably know more about than i do. perhaps you should write a piece about findind love also... i think that would be an excellent topic for you.