I've been better


I've had better times
I must admit
The words written by me
Have been sweeter,
On this old pages.
But tonight they're bitter.
Writing reality is better

The raging fire of angered tears
Washes down all the weakness
Burns out the misery
Destroys the soul.
Crying is not always sadness
A fake smile is always pain
Even if that pain hurts you or not

Realize how long it's been
Since your last smile
If you can't remember, run
Run like hell and search
For that piece of you that's missing
It's never too late
But it can't never be too soon


For every deep blue shade
There is a tear attached
A troubled heart
A sad song on the background
A coming  wrath
And a hidden solution
I've had better times

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Nailed it. Every line perfection! Suggest: "...On this old pages..." OR "On these old pages" or "On these old page" ? 

"..."For every deep blue shade/There is a tear attached..." I just wrote prose in my novel that is summed up in these two lines. Love this work. You rock! - slc




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I deeply enjoy it when

I deeply enjoy it when someone really feels what I truly want to transmit :) feels great!! And about the suggestion haha well, English is not my first language so I kind of trip sometimes, so how is it supposed to be?? "These old pages" is it right?? ;)

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This is really good and

This is really good and emotional. I hope you're better now. :) I have a new poem out, too. I hope you read it and comment. It's called, Two Hearts. you can read it here: http://www.postpoems.org/authors/ginsywilde/poem/1057494

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I am :) actually I just

I am :) actually I just finished writing it, but to be honest I started writing it some time ago so haha it's okay I'm just fine :) thanks! Sure I will visit your post ;)