I feel hurt
In the way we live
How we take from the poor
And give tenfolds to the rich
How we stopped caring
And started only thinking of profit
How money is our only wealth
Not wisdom and knowledge
How respect has vanished from our youth
And has been replaced by gangsterism
How we are so uneducated
That the cycle of poverty continues
How children drop out of school
To sale drugs at the street corner
How we stopped being kind
because it showed weakness
How power is everything
Rather than hope and faith

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Wealth Breeds Avarice

Too much of everything

available on the mind, as

if a thought could produce

a purchase price.


Too little of anything

on sale in the imagination, as

if an education equaled

a price tag.


Too often something

buys our sense of charity, or

we take the lowest bid

and forget about altrism

and a crust of bread