And that’s a Pity

Flashback Fridays

Sharp as the Devil's tail,

fair as a fantasy,

beauty to leave one trembling, 

but no matter how hard you try,

you cannot change

a whore

into a housewife.

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tried & failed

She kept burnin yo toast

insufficient chilli on the 

sausage links

never read much poetry

hoes like lots 

of attention, flashy

clothes and burned

shirts wit a iron

washed yo designer jeans

with bleach and pretty

flirty while usin' the wrong

fork on dates. Talked

too loud, dug the blues.

lot of potential. Sex

was stellar but her 

personal gun & knife

collection - I can

see not a housewifey

definitely. :D


Merry Christmas




U no i'm a mess!



Lady A


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I love it!

And I love you too, Lady A!


Merry Christmas Stella!

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Always so good. That opening

Always so good. That opening line is fantastic.

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My thanks, my writing buddy!

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Shaking my head with a

Shaking my head with a ☺️

Good to see you writing again Beavis ! 

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Many thanks, my friend. A lot to digest before it comes out the fingertips, but it's flowing agains, slowly.

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Did you do a survey and a poll? Is that all whores or the one you heard about? Don't mind me, I'm defendng whores this week. Next week gay prostitutes. Everybody need a lil support sometmes. ~S~

Lady A


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Lol! Always count on Lady A for wit & wisdom! This just one of those poems where I was looking from the outside at someone else's life & imagining being in their spot.  


And don't forget the salacious sluts! They need an advocate too! 

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The Flatulent Fat Floozies

Need more time - next week Queens with quirks and Promiscous males with Ebola. The Lascivious lush calls daily, I pretend I'm outta rhe country. 
Ha! Be well and if you cannot be well, be better soon.  ;D



Lady A


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And you, Lady A, always be well & fill the world with your love.