My Baby Brother

Baby blue eyes and curly hair,

wild and crazy, like a lil' bear.

Chubby cheeks and only 3 feet tall,

playing with him, oh, its ball!

Even thought he is only 2 years old,

he is very brave and bold.

He is adorable and as cute as can be,

this little boy's name is Coby!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what you think? my baby brother is such a cutie! i wrote this for him<3 Tongue Out

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Nicely done.  Something he

Nicely done.  Something he will cherish from his big sister. 

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thanks! (:

thanks! (:

Love Always, Me(:

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The things that make men proud, a smile, a good word, a compliment, a poem from a big and belove sister to rhyme in his heart his life long ~~A~~



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thats right(:

thats right(:

Love Always, Me(: