Thoughts on Realites

Realism is the construct created by the years of conditioning from birth to death, we are spoon fed, 

televisoned, wifi’d , programmed, and conditioned....

The commercials ,ads and billboards,blogs, memes, pop ups, 

Amazon Robots...Inventorying our thoughts for future suggestions.

Google bots, droids, pods, pads, buds, tablets, gadgets, 

Telling us what we want, when we want it, what we need, and tickling us

Ever so gently, messaging us...rooting into us..

In every cleverly engineered way possible to bend and twist to the will of our Agreed Reality.

“The agreed Realism.”

The end result?

People Plants that require the tender loving warm embrace of the Sun Machine.

And oh, how we bend and twist to soak up those rays we need so desperately to survive......

What if the Sun stopped shining?

Would all the little people-plants wilt away In their forsaken-ness?

Succumb to the feedings they have grown to rely upon?


I’m not a people-plant...

No no NO....

my meat is real...

Skin and bones, and such.


When did we forget we were once savages clawing our dinner out of caves and trees?

Animals , that evolved to be the Apex of civilization?

Reduced to what?

A pair of eyes, neck down , head down, staring at a 7 inch screen...

desperately click click clicking away?

Like their life depended on it...

Could you survive alone, in the cold unforgiving wilderness?

Plunged headlong into a land before time?

Once again becoming an animal with the wisdom, reflex, cunning, and 

intuitions instilled into you from centuries of creation?

Those animal instinct gifts...

Maybe it’s being slowly bred out of us like show ponies

And house cats?

Goddamit man

You have such a nice coat.

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The New Trophisms

Bend this way. The new Big Brother is Big Sister asking politely to believe. We are free not to believe, I think. I stopped listening to tv ads once mute buttons were invented. I buy a lot less - those ads are powerful! Nice coat :D slc

              BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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Yes, that sums it up,

Yes, that sums it up, indeed..

we are free to believe or not...

masters or our own universe....