Fire, Brimstone, and Smoking Bones

 At the first shock 

I awoke out of a deep sleep,

Oh the torturous agony!

The sky is falling!

The world is imploding!

We all knew it was going to happen 

It was just a matter of time really...

Is this how it ends?

Here in my bed chambers?


Another shock of torturous agony..

The second more intense then the last..

Twisting, and seething I exclaim:

Is that you Satan?

Have you finally come to collect me?

I know I have led a trite,meaningless life..

Sipping the wine from every cup,

Laying about , coveting..

Over indulging...

led astray by the wolves

I am a wretch!

A monster!


Another intense shockwave of pain

Courses throughout my nerves 

My sinew

My  surely damned , surely charred flesh 

Seared to perfection.

I have resolved that Satan himself

Has affixed his pitchfork 

Into my buttocks and 

Is jolting me 

Prodding me

Raping my life from me.


Kicking and screaming 

And spitting...

Nightmarish visions ensue

Of horsemen...

Blackened eyes

Black robes and hooded skulls

Scythe and sickle..

The Reaper..

The Queen Ghoul..

The long bony finger of death

Dragging my twisted smoldering carcass 

Off to the doldrums of eternal damnation.


.......I pass out....



“Sciatica is a bitch”

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"...Laying about, coveting..."

  • I stopped at this line and the nails and hooks and knife edge sliced and and was excellently well placed in the writing. Almost epic - this journey - the acknowledgment of damnation as a goal or unavoidibility due to a life (well) lived! Morphine? A nervy write. Great title! ~(:0)-

              BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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I applaud the way the final

I applaud the way the final line slams the breaks on the supernatural atmosphere of the previous lines.


[* /+/ ^]

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it was a full stop , pedal to the floor...screeching tires...refill your breakfluid type of stop.

glad you liked

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[* /+/ ^]

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I have endured sciatica. Really enjoy the way that you write. 

© Ground

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is it not Satan’s pitchfork, gnarled up , poking you in sheer torment?

thank you For the Read.

I happen to be enjoying the throes of its ecstatic torment right this very.

” I scream, you scream, we all scream for morphine “