Sister Morphine ( song lyrics/electric guitar)

Song Lyrics

Shiny chains shiny chains

Chains of

Sister morphine

Going to change 

Going to change

Change my

Sister morphine

In your veins 



Sister morphine




Sister morphine 

Shiny chains 

That tether 

Go insane 

And sever

this artery

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blues rock song for electric guitar.

cant post the recording, so here are the lyrics.

song: G C D, D C G

lead: dmaj 

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Bellalibra's picture

Music to accompany...

Just listened. Link came through perfect 

unique guitar to accompany your composition. Kudos 

Beatnik1979's picture

Thank you!

ive been trying to get the music on here forever!

i finally figured it out after a long arduous journey of failures.

thanks for checking it out .

i appreciate that tremendously.


Beatnik1979's picture

I tried to post the music for this

I gues I m not able to, and that’s a drag.

if you want to hear it I’ll email it to you. 


SSmoothie's picture

Its intense indeed! I like it

Its intense indeed! I like it all but just couldnt let go without saying i want the last lines switched around to:

 That tether 

Go insane 

And this 

artery sever

But i also know it works better as u wrote it. Aggh poetry doesnt have to have rhthym and rhymes just one will more than suffice ;) silly me hypocrite that I am lol

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

Beatnik1979's picture


Thank you for the read, 

I truly value your insight!

It works better with the music, I guess....

im working to convert the audio files 

to an acceptable format....but

when I fight technology, technology always wins .


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Feeling the chain. The tether. The tightness, just prior to ....

Beatnik1979's picture

Thanks for the read!glad uo

Thanks for the read!

glad you decided to gi it a chance 

allets's picture

Opiate Addiction

is at epidemic proportions. Reviving od's is a city problem too expensive to keep doing. Heroine is back as a drug of choice. Chains indeed.

Lady A

Beatnik1979's picture

Indeed. It is as bad now as


It is as bad now as its ever been.....or even worse 


Thanks for the read 

allets's picture

Blues Lyrics

have changed for the times. From "Oh, yo man done gone" or "I'm gonna leave you with the blues" to the chains of addiction. Interesting, morphine not cocaine or heroin. They demand equal time from the scop. Of course "Cocaine" has already been done quite well. So has "Poppies" I guess. 

Lady A

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  if you’re interested and have an extra 2 minutes.

I finally discovered a way to get the music recordings on here.  

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im glad you dig It. 

Its a tough one to like. 

I didn’t know where I remembered the sound I heard in my head from When I wrote this..

there should be another song Like that.

Eerie and weird.