Satire on Justice

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Satyre on Justice 

All rise , to the honourable Name that we Mention
In Justice we stand , or fall at her discretion
Yes, its Her honour,  Yor honour,  and Mine
And it'd be Her honour to Kiss my Behind.
Why, whats This you say, Mocking my Court?
She will say, and expect no retort.
Why your honour, your supremeness of grace
May i modestly comment? I speak in good taste?
Bespake me  I did to that shrew with conviction 
Decidedly earthbound the jaws of who listen
May i candidly mention your honor,
Your judgement, not right, my life it did squander
Ponder a moment, or maybe for two
How easy it is to be courtship, like you.
The grife and hardship left in your wake
Too proud to think as you make no mistake
Take this and note it, your court is a farce;
 Its The taxpayer dollar that greases your arse
Truth makes you Shudder at ev'ry  mention
So long to your poet,  dragged off to detention.
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Gave me a chuckle.

Gave me a chuckle.

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wow i think it is my favorite

wow i think it is my favorite work by you... obviously besides star child ;)..... but it is really quite fantastic.... first of all its witty and kind of hilarious... and secondly its completely true and spot on.... very much enjoyed this.... 

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This was written in 2010 and I had gone through some pretty rediculous court issues. The whole system really is flawed. It did inspire me, write this and Im glad you enjoyed it. In poetry....a couplet is a device used in rhyme scheme and its intention here was to sound mocking. It was fun to write and as i re- read it so many years later, I still feel as if the entire legal system of our country is flawed. Thank you for reading, and thank you very much for your good review!