the pain

the pain doesnt go away the pain stays just hidden away

the pain is so deep its hard to go on sometimes

the pain cant just disapper away over night

the pain takes so much away from your happiness

the pain takes a toll on you that you cant go on sometimes

the pain cant just go away with the kiss of the one you love

the pain is caused by being strong thru so much

the pain is not gone how can you go on

the pain is what is hidden behind the smile

the pain is what i try to make go away everyday

the pain is what made me who i am today

the pain is what i learned from

the pain is my past

the pain is starting to go away each day i wake up

the pain is disappering more with time


the pain is going to make me handle what i get thrown at me...

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Drink green tea and eat dark berries no carbs for a while - pain diminishes :D



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thank you   

thank you 


jessica lynn