The Hollywood Game

The Hollywood Game

She went out to California to be a star

But she never made it quite that far

Everybody back home said she looked so good

She always played the lead for the boys in the neighborhood

She went west to hunt her fortune and her fame

But she never got the hang of the Hollywood game

A lot of couches in Hollywood she has seen

But she has never seen herself on the silver screen

Now fortified walls she does hide herself behind

But they will not keep out the ravishes of time

You can read her story in every new line on her face

They tell the story of every dream that she did waste

At the parties everyone knew her but knew not her name

She was just another bit player in the Hollywood game

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Hey that was a really nice

Hey that was a really nice poem! I imagined it as a rap though while I was reading it lol, but anyways that was enjoyable! Do you mind checking out some of my songs? Thanks in advance!!