through the tears

Lost Love

Through the tears,
Somewhere a smile awaits,
Through the heartache,
Somewhere love lives on
All the dreams are lost, but the hope is not gone.
There's a problem when you give a person half your heart,
Half your soul and all your love.
There's a problem when you make someone your everything,
Because when they leave, they leave you with nothing.
Just for today I will be strong.
I'll try to laugh,
I'll try to make it through.
I'll try really hard to smile,
I'll try even harder to stop thinking of you just for awhile.
I can't promise I won't break down.
I can't promise I will always be strong without you.
I don't know what my empty future holds
But I can't wait for the day all my pain goes away
And happiness comes back in my life to stay.
I can smile through the tears.
I can laugh through the heartache.
I can make it though the onslaught of memories I think I would just rather forget.
I can make it through the day and maybe if I do this just 1 day at a time then my broken heart will mend
and I can live again!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I miss you Matt, so much. I wonder if these tears will ever dry. I had no clue I would hurt this bad when you left. I only hope someday my heart will mend and I will stop loving you/

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