A Tear

Lost Love

In the stream of sadness, you're just a pebble.
A stone washed forever upon my soul.
A little piece of what once made me whole.
In the pond of perfection, you're just a shadow,
Dark and gloomy, lurking about the pits of hell.
An evil only I can know so well.
In the lake of love, you're the dam.
The one that damned me to this misery.
The one that trapped me forever in bitterness.
In the river of regret, you're just a tear.
A love gone bitterly wrong,
The sad chorus of my life song.
In the sea of sorrow, you are my hurricane,
Forever leaving your mark on me,
Twisting and blowing me back out to the sea.
In the Ocean of life you are my Titanic.
Sinking me forever into the abyss,
But how all the moments with you will forever be missed!

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mpr8888@yahoo.com's picture

i like this for it's honesty and logic. i am far from a love poem fan, but this is nice because you bring out how easy it is to to think of all the things we hated about the relationship as well as the unfullfilled longing. the real kicker for me is that you have not overdone either point. a very soft tone with deep metaphors. i'm impressed.