Sad Song

Lost Love

Sad Song plays in my heart,
It speaks of a good-bye.
A love lost in time.
A love meant to die.
Sad Song, the words I hear,
The music speaks to my heart-
A tear falls from my eyes,
And I know we'll always be apart.
Sad Song, it's my life story.
Reminds me so much of you.
The love you let go of.
The Hell you put me through.
Sad Song, I must dry my tears,
And cry no more,
I must walk away.
Close memory's door.
Sad Song, keeps me here.
Won't let me go.
Tells my heart of how I've been missing you.
Even though I let you go.
Sad Song plays in my heart,
Making me feel the pain all over again.
Sad Song, speaks of a good-bye I've lived many times through,
Sad Song, plays til the very end.

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Haithem saad Ziane's picture

You are wrong; it is not a sad song but marvellous and the most beautiful wonder i did not hear before...

thank you ..

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