What It Is

A room full of PMSing teens

A building filled with angry protesters

A street overflowing with violent scenes

And a world run by total imposters

Life is what it is and always changes

No matter what people are always making exchanges

Take in this word and take it in good

No matter how you come at it

You will always fall at the place you stood

If you move on and never quit

One day life will come at you

One day you'll make it through

What is life filled with? It has everything

Corruption, failure, drama and chaos

And closes in so close that it's crushing

And sometimes destroys everything there was

But life again thrives on and on

From the nothing that was once already gone


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palewingedpoetess's picture

The Title to This Poem Of Yours Caught My Eye.....

as we always hear 'It Is What It Is' and it's so true. If we don't attach too many expectations to much of anything and just accept whatever the outcome is, we find we are quite a bit calmer. Anyway, I really enjoyed your slant on this. Keep writing and sharing with us here. Its a nice place for young poetesses to grow and hone their craft. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen