One thought…
sought over for what seems eternal
flourished raised in ways so maternal
it grows.
At incredible velocity,
thrusts through the open area contemplating some philosophy
that seems too complex to be done within the hour
the thought that grows with incredible power
keeps mind and soul awake for hours at a time.
A thought so vast and great a thought so sublime.
Creates confusion and frustration and in some ways it's an addiction
though the thought expands causing incredible affliction
its a battle between thoughts political positions, religious stances
as the copious thoughts dance to the music which so enhances.
The feeling
of the thought
fills me with
and the thought continues to grow with greater magnitude
until a small moment of peace, composure and silence
till the thought erupts once more with incredible haste
and it stems out in directions with a manner so violent
until it quiets down... and a new seed is placed
and once more begins the process a new thought is revealed
and once more the solemn contention on the lonely mind field

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