Heart beat like a storm

As I sit and think 

trying to find the link 

the reason for the feeling 

his eyes sparkle 

his smile is warm 

heart beat like a storm 

i dont know why 

or how 

but ill never say it 

I cant 

His voice is strong 

and so is he 

oh God please

why do I feel this way 

heart beat like a storm 

cheek blushing and warm 

dont tell him 

keep quiet 

dont speak 

hide the feeling 

hope he doesnt hear my heart beat

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 A storm. Nice image. Sound and emotion work well.


The Offices Of Water


My heart beats like gentle waves

slapping the shore he walks. He hears

and does not understand. I watch

and let my heartbeat speak. The

crescendo is like a tidal wave

becoming higher, louder, crashing

to his shore.












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it might give you away !

it might give you away ! especially if it beats in rythum with his

ron parrish

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yes i am not sure for some

yes i am not sure for some reasoni actually feel something for him


young with alot to say 

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feelings,just a natural

feelings,just a natural thing..welcome to p/p

ron parrish

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young with alot to say