The first night that I kissed her

The first night that I kissed her

I will try and paint the scene

September 5th in 87

The air was cool and crisp and clean

Initial nerves and awkwardness

Tried to find a place to ply our charms

We started from two poles apart

But she finished in my arms

The first night that I kissed her

The city’s icon high above

The harbour bridge was our chaperone

The only witness to this first love

And as the waves lapped at the shoreline

Our scents they did entwine

As I pressed my lips to the warmth of hers

From then she would be mine

The first night that I kissed her

Her taste it lingered long

It felt so right. It felt so good

I knew this could not be wrong

As the light rain fell, it made a blend

Of her and me as two

We were us from then and forevermore

My love for her is true

The first night that I kissed her

Time has long passed since that first joy

She was a young girl of innocence

I was just a boy

We have grown in years together

True friends as man and wife

And I say thanks for that kiss beneath the bridge

The birthplace of my life

The first night that I kissed her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was a special night and the real START of my life. The best yarns are the true ones. It is not every guy who get to take his date on a stroll beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge on their first night.

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onelilartist's picture

MMMmmm, no wonder you have six children. You two were meant to be together. I really like the dedication and loyalty I feel in this one.

Congratulations on such a romantic relationship. I hope you have many years together and love fills each one to capacity.

Jessica AKA