Still, I hear the stories...

Still, I see the photo's...

It's years later and where has our hatred got us?

Today, they have 1003 American soldiers dead,

    And we've already caught Sadam Husien.

The World Trade Center Towers fell...

    Lives that are forever lost...

Are being fought over by soldiers,

    Who've reached their target,

    Who've stomped out the unrest,

    Who are just sitting around now, dying...

How many in the Trade Center died?

How many more lives will we have to chase after them?

Doesn't the president know,

    The limits of humanity?

    He is not a God, who can return life.

Why chase the dead with life?

    How many will have to loose their lives---


How many times does the media have to replay the attacks?

How many times does one have to see people falling from the


Choosing the fall over flame...

How many times do we have to hear,

"These colors don't run!"

But they run red,

With the blood---

     Of fire fighters,

     Of resue teams,

     Of police officers.

And they run red,

With the blood---

     Of soldiers who lie dead in the streets of Iraq,

     Of children caught in the cross fire,

     Of terrorized people who become human bombs.

When did pride get so in the way,

That we no longer see that all "colors" run.

Instead of God Bless Us,

Maybe we should be asking,

For God to forgive us all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It seems to me that tonight on the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, the only thing of interest on TV was the recount of the attacks.  It somehow felt more grounding, as if I should pay homage this labor day weekend--because it feels more real to me than pay tribute to a reality TV show---even if 9-11 is history.  Reality TV shows expose (in my opinion) just how narrow minded people can be, and the one who wins isn't always the one who is always deserving of the prize.  Or the show is all out cruel--telling someone they are a star singer when they are not, or Joe Schmo?  Where did our sense of values and honor go?

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

I enjoyed reading your poem.

Sherry Elise Holt's picture

It feels sane to know I am not the only one who feels this way about the craziness which has consumed our country since the 9-11 attacks. As "He who is not God" continues to play war games for yet another 4 years with no regard what-so-ever to the reality of the repercussions of his actions.
Thank you.