The day was long,

The sun seared the earth with fire-like heat,

Melting the tar laiden streets.

Water jumped from glasses into the air,

And the neighborhood dogs could not find


Even the grass blades could not stay fresh,

As they hid in the respite protection from the suns rays.

All the world looked molten,

Hazy under a vapor that seemed to be pull in tenuous strands

Upward from earths crust

As if the sun was sucking the life out of the planet.

I remember days like this in my childhood,

When heat was just another four lettered word I didn't mind.

Summers were free,

Full of skinny dipping, BBQ's, lemonade stands, and

Riding bikes like they were race cars.

What did we care of a small thing called "HEAT".

We did not know of other four letter words either...

Like "LOVE".

We didn't know the kind of love that would sear like the sun,

Ply us in drought at it's absence,

And starve us with the lack of affection,

As inclimate storms blocked light from the skies.

No, we didn't know.

I don't wish to "go back",

I don't wish to "find a future in another love",

I just want to with stand the heat--

To rebuild after this catastrophic tornado that nearly took


Maybe in the Fall,

With the playfulness of a child,

My keen senses renewed,

An apple will fall from a tree.

Perhaps, something grand will fall into my lap,

And help me endure the rays of summer again--

Once again finding refuge in

BBQ's, skinny dipping, and lemonade stands.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

They say that love blossoms in the spring, mainly because no one wants to spend winters alone.  Maybe that is partially true, most of my relationships have been spring starters, summer sizzlers, fall slumbers, and winter refuges...only to find that the next spring finds me in a new part of the worlds woods looking at a new direction in love and romance.  Except, this time feels different--maybe I needed to get hurt, to get "woke up".  Maybe I trust people at their word, too quickly.  At least where I came from that meant something, now it's just a formality of an untruth, reticent of days gone by.  My grandparents raised me, with all the values of the 1940's...marraige is a forever institution, family comes first and foremost, and respect is mutual--without it everything is dead.  And above all, you went to church on Sundays--tithing didn't obligate you to the church, it kept you financially hungry enough to remain humble.  I'm learning that maybe what I want in a partner isn't what I need.  Perhaps, I am the one who needs what people seek in me.  Isn't that a kick in the head.  For right now, I'll let sleeping dogs lie--I don't need the chaos of being chased, or doing any chasing...I hear cider is good in the fall.

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