Do you know you saved my life?

“Don’t go riding on that long black train!”

                                        --Josh Turner

Are you even listening?  Do you understand?

“I love you this much…”

                                       --Jimmy Wayne

I just couldn’t stand my life, the pain…

“I can only imagine…”

                                      --Mercy Me

Do you know I planned on driving into an overpass?

“I’ll get a FAST CAR…”

                                      --Tracy Chapman

Have any of you ever had a serious relationship?

“Bang!  Bang!  You shot me down.” –Cher

“Her name was darling Nicki…”—Prince

“I wonder who’s holding Donna now.” -- El DeBarge

Why are you treating me like this?

“Back to the middle and around again,

We’re gonna be there to the end,

100 percent, pure love…” – Crystal Waters

My therapist says write a letter, but don’t send it.

What do you think?

“So, Don’t tell me what to say,

And don’t tell me what to do,

Just let me be myself,

That’s all I ask of you.

You don’t own me…

You don’t own me…”--Lesley Gore

You are all nuts!

“Can’t touch this!” –M.C. Hammer

“I’m too sexy for this shirt.” –Right Said Fred

“I wanna sex you up!” –Color Me Bad

It’s like you don’t even care!

“You are beautiful,

In every single way,

Don’t let words get you down, oh, no…

So don’t let her bring you down…TODAY”

                                      --Christina Aguilara

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My friends D, C, and W...thank-you for all our funny times, and how you may just be figuring out now how distraught I was when you found me.  You have brought me a great source of comfort in my a time when I truely needed relief from grieving an old relationship.  Take care, my little song-bird swishers!

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